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VRPODIA is een online oplossing voor het maken van opvallende animaties en presentaties, door simpelweg uw media-files, zoals fotos en videos toe te voegen. Uw 3d presentatie wordt geheel automatisch gegeneeert op basis van uw voorkeurinstellingen. Uw bezoekers vliegen vervolgens interactief door uw presentatie. Online animatie presentatie 3d.

  • create and organise multiple presentations online in a team shared environment
  • re-use any part in multiple presentations, synchronising the parts across all presentations
  • share and promote your presentations in public or privat mode
  • add design and animations to each part and each section seperately by easy templates
  • publish the presentations anywhere on existing websites (embedded) 


Browsing and presenting in 3D is an awesome experience that lets your visitor view and enjoy your work in a new and fantastic way. Catch the attention and bring in the WOW factor!


VRPODIA is a presentation tool like no other. It replaces your powerpoints, prezis and other tools you may use.  

Now you can create beautifull animations to impress and entertain your audience, while easily updating and maintaining all your presentations in an online environment, with all parts being re-useable within your team and synchronised across all presentations 


Create and update the content of your presentations in a shared environment and select your preferred animation settings from dropdown menus.

VRPODIA creates the 3D scenery and animations from the settings you selected with the content you provided.

If content is re-used in multiple presentations, all information is  synchronised automatically across all presentations, but can have different design and animation settings per presentation.


Publish your presentations and embed them on any existing website, by just copying/pasting the embedding code wherever you want it to appear on your sites.

After doing that, you can edit your presentations without ever leaving your own website!


Use your 3D presentations for your fair and expo booth. Large scale projections or displays running VRPODIA animations will attract the attention of the crowds!

The automatic animation allows the presentation to run without any intervention or interaction, to  make sure all your content is presented in a time loop.


VRPODIA can be published on consoles in your showroom or other visitor touchpoints, by just linking to the presentation in a browser.

The user interacts with your presentation by manually navigating the 3D scenery, zooming in on objects, watch videos, and finding whatever information or links you provided.

video production for CLARIAH, recorded in CO3DM/VRPODIA
presented at KickOff conference at institute for SoundAndVision (hilversum, the netherlands)
VRPODIA MINI-EXPO-BOX, combining video (actrice) with realtime interactive animations. The viewer selects an item, and the actrice will tell all about it.

VRPODIA deliveres this fully custom designed on a turnkey basis, including video direction and recordings, implementation in your presentation and the production expo box (buy or rent). Sent an mail for a proposal 
User-Iteractive features in VRPODIA when using it as a 3D slideshow.


GALLERIES & MUSEUMS is an independent  network for artists and galleries. Galleries can create their own virtual expositions and exchange artworks from the network. Visit the site ( to learn more.

As a museum you can create themed and contextual virtual expositions.  Author the collections in a  curators enviroment and publish the exhibits online and on consoles in your museum!


VRPODIA is the perfect network for venues and locations related to touristic presentations. Bring the visitor in the perfect experience, representing your touristic destination, including local museums, theaters, hotels, venues and restaurants.


VRPODIA is developing a music promotion network. Bands, producers and publishers, can add videos and audio tracks to the virtual scenery and decorate it with graphics or album covers.

Schedule the release time and date of your videoclips, and invite fans to watch the premiere!


If you are a keynote speaker at a conference, you will find VRPODIA the ultimate tool to organise and sync all your presentations online. 

Add stunning graphics, animations and transitions to capture the attention of your audience.

Share links to any part of your presentations for sharing in social media or export your presentation to a handout format (fully automated).



All content in VRPODIA is updated from the database, so your presentation is always up-to-date, safely stored in the cloud and accesible at any time. 

Content can be published to privat (only you),  to selected registed users or public.
The publication settings can be changed at any time, for each component separately.


Design templates can be applied to each space separately,  and can be changed at any time, without effecting the contents of your presentations. 

For example: use a sphere for the spacial environment (for 360 photo), and place all objects on a circular grid.

The camera will now automatically find each object when selected by the viewer, and fly to it. 


Aditional animation effects can be added to a time loop, for each separate object. This loop will now play when a viewer visits the object.

Per object, choose from a list of effects and adjust the timer.
For example: rotate the object for 2 seconds,  zoom the camera for 10 seconds, show the title, then go to the next object.

Add as many effects to each loop as you want.


VRPODIA works on an integration tool for e-commerce.  Visitors can add items to a shopping cart.

Advertisments (manually selected by you)  can be added to enrich  your presentations or for additional revenues per click.

Similar to the adverising tools,  you can plan, schedule and monetise on the exhange of your content.

Realtime data transfer, including live video and chat will be developed,  so visitors can actually meet and exhange information while visiting your presentation.



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